How do you decide where to provide art programs?

We partner with homeless organizations and crisis centers in the communities we serve that have long-standing, solid reputations. We work closely with these organizations to establish mutually beneficial relationships, and establish a curriculum that satisfies the needs of their clients. 

Do volunteer teachers need to make a weekly commitment of their time?

Most of our programs allow volunteers to work according to their schedule and availability. We have some teachers that enjoy teaching several times each month, and others that prefer to teach every few months, and anything in between. Our scheduling is designed to fit you!

Teachers that wish to lead a mural project must be prepared to commit to a class once a week for four to six weeks. Non-lead volunteers do not need to make the weekly commitment.

What are the long-term goals for Connect2Art Project?

Our long-term goals include placing Connect2Art Project students artwork in a museum exhibition, and establishing a Homeless Art Museum in Houston.