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Homeless Art


Julie Simmons - Managing Director

Julie has been a contributor to The Connect2Art Project since 2010, starting out working with her friend, Sheri Hammond. Julie orginally recruited artists and managed weekly art sessions for those in homeless recovery. In 2014 Julie took over as Managing Director of the Connect2Art organization.

Sheri Hammonds- Founder 
The Connect2Art Project was born out of a strong compassion Sheri has had for homeless people and her voracious passion for art. Sheri has been creating art since she was young and has personally benefited from its healing powers. She often says, creating art for me is like meditation to others.”


Paula Hawkins

Paula is a professional artist at Winter Street Studios and lives in Houston.

Her art combines realism with abstract impressionism to create works that are beautiful and symbolic, capturing color, light, imagination, time and mood. Paula’s art also explores the spiritual connection between Art and Quantum Physics and the connections in science, art and nature.

Her art is in both private and corporate collections.

Website: http://www.paulahawkinsart.com

Solomon Kane

Solomon is a professional artist and has worked in the criminal justice field for numerous years. His artwork has been described as Metaphysical Surrealism. He aims to reflect the entirety of life in his art, including both the good and bad which all life consists of. Even though the subject matter of his work might be, and usually is, quite serious, he always uses bright and vivid colors which signify an eternal hope no matter what the circumstances might be. The meaning behind Solomon’s work is a combination of his study of world religions, work in the criminal justice field, and interest in the human psyche.

Website: http://artavodah.com

Carol McKee

Carol was born in Yorkshire in the north of England.  She began her art training in Cornwall in the south of England and then relocated to Alaska were she attended the University of Anchorage Alaska and then to the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas.

She has been producing her art and selling out of Winter Street Studios in Houston since 2006.  Her work is in private and corporate collections both locally and world wide.

Quote from a Connect2Art Project student to a teacher-
Thank you for teaching the class, you changed my life


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